e.fundamentals is a British-built, world-leading eCommerce analytics platform that helps brand owners compete and win online. Our technology serves our clients by rigorously improving the sales performance of their products on retailer’s and wholesaler’s websites.



e.fundamentals reviews and gathers the most up to date data about your product’s performance online and then compiles it into the The 8 Fundamentals dashboard so you can quickly action the insights that will deliver the biggest return.



The e.fundamentals machine never stops - it monitors, collects, scores & generates reports everyday.

We track key product & category behaviours across the key UK retailers - to quickly help drive sales & improve profit.



e.fundamentals is working and growing across a wide range of sectors:

FMCG, Retail, Consumer Electronics, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty

and our platform can be configured to work against any online sector or category.



The e.fundamentals immediate benefits:

  • works with your existing structure - low cost of deployment

  • highly cost effective - without the need for expensive BI systems

  • includes all major retailers in each market - total category view

  • intuitive & simple to use - with smart indicators & trend analysis

  • compelling insights at all levels - from C Suite to frontline


e.fundamentals was started by professionals who have worked for some of the world's most renowned brands from working directly with clients to leading global, high powered teams. Their insight and expertise has lead them to join forces and create an eCommerce solution that delivers a competitive advantage in today's digital landscape.

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Today the most senior business people in the world
are recognising the importance of eCommerce analytics...

Our brands need to have the right selection of products, in the right sizes, at the right value, in the right quantity, and in the right points of sale to win with shoppers online every day. Failure to effectively compete in growing sales channels and business models, particularly e-commerce, could negatively impact our results.
— David S. Taylor, CEO & Chairman P&G, Annual Report

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Not all data is the same. There are huge advantages to having the right kind of analytics
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