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The e.fundamentals platform is an analytics service that creates clear and accurate points of action to help brand owners improve visibility and increase their online sales on retailers' and wholesalers’ websites. Our approach is far beyond just pulling data, we are committed to impacting your bottom line specifically by improving your selling effectiveness so it grows your category and builds your company’s capability and expertise in eCommerce.

Each of the elements of The 8 Fundamentals dashboard have been created by Sales and Marketing professionals with the main eCommerce sales functions in mind. But it’s not the data alone that makes a difference, it’s the helpful way that it’s made clear, actionable and valuable with the primary objective to help your account thrive.

Top 10 reasons why our clients say they prefer e.fundamentals


1. Increases online conversion

Is the information about your product accurate, legal, persuasive, helpful? Are images and correct information visible? Our platform will help you increase online sales revenues by showing you what to fix without having to mine through every product.


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2. Helps us win in search

How easy is it for customers to find your product when they search a retailer’s site? Are you getting the prominence you should? Are you getting your fair share of the online market? Are the page one results driving category value? Boost your products onto the first page of search results by tracking your keyword performance and other brands on page one, then take action on the learnings we share about how each retailer's search algorithms work.
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3. Saves the team huge amounts of time…
and preserves sanity

Online analysis can be a slow and laborious job when done manually, especially for companies with hundreds of SKUs and a broad base of retailers. A huge and slow job, such as assessing online shopper feedback is reduced to seconds rather than days or weeks. Your team will thank you for it!

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4. Upskills my teams

The entire platform has been designed specifically for existing Sales and Marketing teams so you don’t need to hire more people or get access to additional resources. Less time is needed to figure out what needs to be done so you can spend more time actually doing it.

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5. Keeps a finger on the pulse with pricing & promotions

Responding to constantly changing prices and promotions is an every day challenge. Our platform shows every product and competitor product in a calendar view across the entire category, not just a limited SKU set, so you're better prepared to make pricing decisions. The platform helps you seize competitive advantage by optimising your promotions to ensure you remain competitive in the category without overspending.
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6. Grows our category online

Find out how much digital space your brand occupies in comparison to every other brand within your category. Do you have the share you should? Where are the opportunities? The e.fundamentals platform is an essential tool for developing category strategy online.

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7. Helps me collaborate effectively with retailers

Our insights provide the opportunity assessment for your Digital JBP. Are you driving your selling effectiveness hard enough? Hitting your targets? Insight is strength – by having access to the e.fundamentals dashboard, you will know exactly what needs improving and have leverage to negotiate the changes you want to make to your retail listings.

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8. Optimises digital shelf content

Have you got the right product content online? A lot of CPG manufacturers don’t move beyond fixing the basics. Our product page insights are based on how the shopper sees them so you can also fix the key elements at point of sale to engage and convert your customer. 
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9. Builds shopper insights

Connect Brand and Marketing teams directly with shoppers by properly understanding what they are saying about your products and the products in the category. Understanding your shopper’s motivations and behaviors will help you identify unmet needs, develop the right products, effectively assess new product launches and integrate the findings into your communication strategies.
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10. Creates better shopper experiences

How good is the shopper’s experience of finding and buying your product in each of your retailers? They are a very mixed bag. The 8 Fundamentals will give you a wealth of insights to help your teams constantly improve the customers’ pinch-points in both the worst and best online retailers.


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