10 interesting eCommerce facts

As the UK eCommerce market gets set to hit £645bn by 2018, focus on customer experience and implementing strong omnichannel strategies has never been under more scrutiny; beating your competition will rest on who does it best, not necessarily first.

If you're an eCommerce professional who is responsible for the representation and growth of your products being sold online, the following 10 online shopping facts might help you re-prioritise your eCommerce strategy for 2017....

1. 88% of shoppers characterise detailed product content as being extremely important

Are you aware of how many of your products have full and accurate product description?

2. 33% of UK online sales occur after 6pm

Are you targeting correctly?

3. 90% of customers' buying decisions are influenced by online reviews

Do you have the right eCommerce data analytics that consolidates and presents all your online reviews for you to take action on?

4. 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores

Are you aware of what campaigns your competitors are running both in-store and online?

5. 53% of organic search clicks go to first link

Have you done everything you can to ensure your products are easy to buy?

6. 70% of eCommerce traffic is from smartphones

Is your website and your products being represented on a retailer's website optimised for mobile? Watch out for truncated product descriptions.

7. 69% of online shoppers' time is spent viewing the left half of the page

Where on the retailer's website are your products listed and how can you influence their position?

8. 38% cite social media interaction as their reason for visiting a retailer’s website

Does your brand have a strong social media strategy to drive traffic?

9. 131% increase in conversions when sending a series of three abandoned cart emails

Are you aware of why online retailers fail to convert shoppers?

10. 70% of online shoppers prioritise zooming in on images before purchasing

Are your images all optimised for web and easy to see?

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