The solution to turn around decline in CPG profitability - a keynote

“When I refer to competitive advantage, what I’m really talking about is winning, not just competing. I want my clients to win and I want brands to know how to win in the marketplace. So what does competitive advantage in eCommerce actually look like?”

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e.fundamentals’ CEO, John Maltman, took the stage at My Digital Shelf’s Online and Grocery summit on Thursday 16th May. Whilst many companies use eCommerce as a test and learn space to help them navigate online shopping, John shared a different perspective on how to win in eCommerce.

Unpacking new ideas with real life examples, John put a spotlight on the most significant business problem that many CPG companies face today; the decline in profitability. He addressed this challenge head on and illustrated how eCommerce can be used to deliver competitive advantage to grow the entire business, not just be seen as an additional channel which the Sales and Marketing department can sell through.

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The keynote covers:

  1. How to know if your brand has competitive advantage

  2. The key areas that brands and retailers are collaborating on

  3. 4 ways to help collaboration with retailers

  4. The common category drivers and examples of how to increase your profitability

  5. Examples of delivering ROI through your pricing architecture & promotional banners

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