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How a tech startup manages Disaster Recovery

Our CTO Adrian Butter came from Accenture & Deloitte, and now leads a team of in-house Developers at E Fundamentals. Here he outlines how our young tech startup backs up our enterprise level eCommerce solutions and what other tech teams can takeaway from practising Disaster Recovery.

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P&G's CEO calls for a new approach to eCommerce analytics tools

David S. Taylor, Chairman of the Board & President and Chief Executive Officer of P&G, released a critical statement addressing the factors that will prohibit sales if eCommerce does not keep up with the changing Omnichannel landscape.

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5 Big Questions When Selecting an eCommerce Intelligence Service

Overloaded with tech recommendations? We know how you feel. Here CEO John Maltman offers guidance on how to assess the various services that claim to increase your online sales.

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