Christmas retail insights 2018

2018 was a quite a year for retail with an unprecedented amount of change: from closures, mergers, re-brands and even world record breakers.

Amongst this uncertainty only one truth remains; if you stand still you’ll eventually be forced to fall. Companies are looking for new ways to grow, seize opportunities, increase revenue and continue to delight the shopper.

eCommerce isn’t new but for many an uncharted territory. Showing where the commercial benefit lies can be challenging which often leads organisations to turn to a series of unhelpful solutions; outsourcing work, additional labour costs or my personal favourite, access to data which you then need an expert to demystify.

Our Christmas 2018 UK Grocery Insights dives deep into the core variables that shoppers face during this festive period, but gives simple snap shots of what is going on and what needs to improve.

I hope you’ll find it both useful and insightful; it’s a mere glimpse into the vast potential that eCommerce has to offer.

Key takeaways

  1. Opportunities to improve customer journeys
    There are opportunities for brands to be more joined up with their own Christmas messages on their eCommerce platforms to truly spread the good cheer they promote.

  2. Iceland has taken a big step to differentiate at Christmas and move away from price led positioning
    Their Christmas campaign that was banned took a wider focus on the environment. However, retailers aren’t tackling climate change, food waste and plastic at Christmas yet – can greener brands take up this subject next year?

  3. Brands need to tag their products with the right areas
    Christmas shelves, ‘offer’ and ‘new’ sections are important areas for brands to cut through the private label volume.

  4. Amazon features branded sponsorship in prominent panels
    Can other retailers make more room in their headlines for brands at Christmas as they do in specialist areas like Free From?

  5. Quick wins for imagery
    Ensure imaging gets key message across quickly to help shoppers make decisions at this busy time. Also ensure messages are enticing and displays the Christmas credentials your brand has.

  6. Search remains unoptimised
    Consider changing to seasonal copy on lead SKUs and increase your chances of appearing in key searches.

Helen Thomas, Insights Manager, E Fundamentals

Helen Thomas, Insights Manager
Previously the Market Analyst for Heineken, Helen now leads the insights team at e.fundamentals. She has over 15 years of commercial experience across emerging markets, identifying growth opportunities and changes in shopper behaviour. She lives in the Scottish Borders with her two young children and is also the Chairwoman of Border Women’s Aid and the local refuge for women surviving domestic abuse.

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