E Fundamentals and Praesidium accelerate Italian eCommerce


Italy’s eCommerce is booming. Now is the time for intelligence.

We’re excited to announce that E Fundamentals have partnered with the leading field marketing agency in Italy, Praesidium.

E Fundamentals already operates across global markets pulling regional and international category insights for brands who want to increase their online share and build internal Sales & Marketing capabilities. E Fundamentals has now joined forces with Praesidium to help global brands with a presence in the Italian market, to connect with their customers and be the first to take eCommerce solutions to Italian retailers.

Together we’ll be working with three of the biggest Italian FMCG chains; Amazon, Esselunga and Carrefour based in Milan. Some of the world’s leading brands are already with Praesidium such as P&G, Microsoft, Mastercard, Samsung and Revlon to name a few and this new partnership will focus on increasing Italy’s eCommerce share in Europe.

The Italian eCommerce market is already the third largest economy in Europe with a gross value of all online transactions in Italy having reached £19.8bn by the end of 2017 and a growth rate of 16% compared to 2016. Online transactions of products, will continue increase by 25%, a rate three times higher than the one of services (8%).

“For the first time in the history of Italian eCommerce, the market for products will be worth as much as the one for services.”

An in depth study by Osservatorio eCommerce B2C Netcomm (Politecnico di Milano School of Management) shows that this revolution has already started, pushed by online businesses. With a rising number of people that make online shopping their go-to option, it is our responsibility to create a shopping experience that connects and blends the real and online world.

Demand is pushed mainly by the two most representative sectors of the “Made in Italy” Food & Grocery (+37%), which has increased from 593 million Euro to 812 millions and furniture & Home Living (+27%). Electronics, editorials, and clothing have also lead the market well.

The blending of brick-and-mortar and eCommerce has started to initiate the changes that we predicted. Online customers have increased from 18.7 million to 20.9 millions just in the last year. This exponential growth has been possible because online shopping has become a daily routine for millions of families in Italy.

We describe this omnichannel reality as “conversational e-commerce”, in which the offering transcends the physical and online reality and it’s one which Italian businesses need to understand.

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Enrico Babucci

Enrico Babucci, CEO, Praesidium

Enrico Babucci, CEO, Praesidium

Enrico Babucci lives and works at the centre of the changing consumer culture and connected technologies. At Praesidium, he enables global brands to execute commercial and creative strategies against the changes taking place in retail. His team in Italy deliver a data-centric, real-time strategic approach to business problems that covers innovation, eCommerce, digital and content.

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