eCommerce Mastery: executing with scale and speed


“The pace of change will never be as slow again as it is today. No matter how busy you are now, tomorrow will always be busier”.

eCommerce Mastery webinar with E Fundamentals' CEO John Maltman and Victoria Sowerby, eCommerce Manager at Quorn Foods.

John highlights industry leading examples, predicts the future of eCommerce and explains what non-tech companies can learn from agile management methodology.

Victoria shares her real life experiences of selling online at one of the leading meat-alternative brands.


Watch the video now to discover:


  • Why speed is important

  • What the industry leaders are currently working on.

  • What progress are businesses making?

  • What non-tech companies can learn from agile management methodology

  • How can business know they are on the right path to execute with scale?

  • What barriers do suppliers encounter the most and how can they be overcome?

  • How can companies qualify the scale of eCommerce opportunity?


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