Five ways for Category Managers to grow online sales

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Dan Foy
Customer Success Manager

Dan has 6 years worth of sales, category and trade & digital marketing experience with Red Bull and Dairy Crest.

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It was a fairly predictable scene when I was last gearing up towards a category review; spreadsheets everywhere, multiple tabs open and the strategies we put together with the retailers all laid out in front of us. It was crunch time.

Regardless of the company type, in my four years in FMCG there is one thing that nearly every manufacturer has in common; eCommerce is treated as an afterthought once the whole strategy and execution has been mapped out for in-store, promotions and sales. I’ve often found this frustrating because previously as a Category Manager, I could see first hand just how much revenue online shopping could bring due to a number of factors. The issue had always been...


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Regardless of what stage you’re at in your eCommerce journey, from experience these are the five key points that are really effective when it comes to driving online category strategy...

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