How eCommerce data increased SKUs performance by 37%

Client Focus - Pladis

Pladis, home of the most loved and renowned brands such as McVities, Godiva, Jacobs and Crawford, recently reported a performance increase of 37% from their most suffering SKUs.

Pladis is a global biscuit and confectionery company operating in over 120 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. With an annual revenue of £4.1 billion, they have 36 factories in 13 countries and employ 26,000 people worldwide. Pladis started using E Fundamentals for eCommerce analytics in order to strengthen their product representation and performance online. Though they initially started with the 'Fix the Basics', which is one out of the The 8 Fundamentals; a tried and proven model for eCommerce conversion optimisation, they moved on to exploring and executing the rest of the 8 Fundamentals after seeing how powerful it can be when implemented collectively....

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Their work led to some surprising and game changing insights, in particularly where search terms were concerned.

Read the case study to find out what steps they took to secure their eCommerce conversion.

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Scott Kipling, Customer Success Director

With over 19 years commercial experience in Procter & Gamble and strategic management consultancy, in the UK and international markets, Scott is a senior commercial practitioner who developed much of the shopper and commercial thinking in the E Fundamentals product. He is now Customer Success Director, responsible for our customers achieving maximum value out of our product and leading our sales function.