How to launch new products successfully with Nestle Purina and E Fundamentals

Lately the hottest topic in our offices has been around NPD; our clients want to push the boundaries of their product performance, be a challenger in their category and deliver unique experiences to their customer’s.

As every driven CPG manufacturer should be aspiring to create strong NPD roadmaps across their portfolio to increase their organic sales, getting NPD right is critical. if you can bring something new to your category and make it a great success, aside from benefitting your company, it will also add value to your retailer’s customers. And if you keep getting it right, you can be assured that the retailers won't be quick to overlook your priorities when it comes to working with you on your joint business plan.

The latest NPD findings

To set the bar once and for all on exactly what makes a successful new product launch, for the very first time CEO John Maltman and Nestlé Purina’s eCommerce Channel Lead, Vishal Krishna, will be taking the main stage at IGD’s Online & Digital Summit on 11th Oct.

Together they’ll be sharing findings from research recently conducted by E Fundamentals which uncovers the current state of new product launches, and share The Golden Rules for a Successful Product Launch Online. Our research took a selection of products across different categories from The Grocer’s New Product awards and tracked and recorded their online presence on retailers' websites to see how effectively brands are marketing their new products.

Together John and Vishal will be illustrating why 80% of new product launches fail and sharing the key strategic approaches on how you can deliver a commercially successful product launch with online retailers.

The presentation will look into:

  • How digital savvy businesses are changing the rules of the game when launching new products.
  • The importance of marketing along the path to purchase.
  • The golden rules for launching products through online retailers.
  • A view on market development and what it will take to be successful in the future.

About the presenters

John Maltman, CEO E Fundamentals

John Maltman, CEO, E Fundamentals

A former VP and General Manager at PepsiCo, with a career spanning at P&G, Asda Walmart, consultancy and a tech startup, CEO John Maltman has led fast and profitable growth in a range of B2B technology businesses and marketing services including Coca-Cola Enterprises, Nestlé, SCA, Groupé SEB and Unilever FS. He left corporate life in 2015 to apply his client-side knowledge to help brands win online, telling colleagues: ‘The market needs it, it doesn’t exist, so we'll create it’ and founded E Fundamentals; an eCommerce analytics platform that helps brands increase their online revenue.

Vishal Krishna, eCommerce channel lead at Nestle Purina

Vishal Krishna, eCommerce Channel Lead, Nestlé Purina UK

Accountable for eCommerce strategy and growth through all eCommerce sub-channels, Vishal and his team are responsible for driving the customer relationship forward by ensuring flawless basics and a robust test and learn plan, as well as influencing the NPD pipeline internally. As a market leader in the global business, capability and sharing best practice is also a large part of the role ensuring eCommerce is at the front of mind for the wider business. Previous to this, Vishal was in commercial roles at PepsiCo and Colgate-Palmolive.

IGD Online and Digital summit details

Dates: 10 - 11 Oct 2017

Location: London Lancaster Hotel, Westminster, London W2 2TY

Times: 9am - 5.30pm

John & Vishal’s presentation will be taking place on 11th Oct at 11 am in the Cedar room.

To find out more about the agenda and how to secure a ticket, visit IGD here.

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