How to lead your FMCG digital transformation - a webinar with Weetabix Food Company
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How can eCommerce professionals lead the digital transformation of FMCG businesses?

Customer success manager Becky Curtis-Hall joined Ed Harman, Senior Channel Optimisation Manager at The Weetabix Food Company, in a webinar, to discuss how to create a digital savvy company able to make the most out of the opportunities of online sales.

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Key Takeaways

  • There is no ideal eCommerce team structure
    You don't have to be part of the same team to do eCommerce well however, you do need a centralised place for everyone to access information and insights from. 

  • Internal expertise is important
    Regardless if you're getting external expertise, always focus on upskilling yourself and your teams, as that's the only way you'll be able to deliver long term value.

  • Sync up in-store and online strategies 
    Aim to parallel your physical store with your online store so with every team you can talk about how physical store initiatives can also be translated for online.

  • Stick to your current vocabulary for comms
    Tell the business what it needs to know in the language it understands. Don't use new terminology for eCommerce. This speeds up the integration and scaling process.

  • Your success helps strengthen your relationships with retailers 
    How you're doing something is just as important as what you're doing. By getting the right insights and actions, The Weetabix Food Company were able to have valuable conversations with retailers on how their websites are performing. 

  • Burst the budget myth
    You don't need large budgets to achieve significant results.

“It’s been quite a big change in the last 18 months since we started working with e.fundamentals. Each team has acquired a lot of dedicated coaching and training in terms of eCommerce to bring them up to speed. Everyone has really embraced it; we’re having some really great conversations with retail and wholesale customers and that’s more than any one or two people could have done just in a stand alone eCommerce team.”
— Ed Harman, Senior Channel Optimisation Manager, Weetabix Food Company

About the presenters


Ed Harman, Senior Channel Optimisation Manager, The Weetabix Food Company

Working at Weetabix for the second time having been based there earlier in his career, Ed brings category expertise to his current role, which is responsible for ‘pack and place’ strategy. His role encompasses grocery eCommerce and also the Wholesale & Foodservice B2B channels. Weetabix is delivering a renewed focus on driving growth through these channels requiring the engagement and upskilling of large areas of the business. When not working, Ed likes cycling and running and spending time with his family

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Becky Curtis-Hall, Customer Success Manager, e.fundamentals

Previously the eCommerce Manager of Pernod Ricard, Becky’s career spans marketing and sales, but always online, with a specialist interest in the interaction between humans and machines. Completing her masters degree in digital media while working in eCommerce has created a unique perspective on both the commercial side and the academic behind the scenes that fuels digital innovation. When not at work you can often find her out running or drinking wine.

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