How to take your category strategy to online retailers - a keynote

Online scale isn’t obvious. You go into a physical store, who the big players are pretty easy to see just from the share of space. But online a well presented product from a startup business can look as big and as relevant as a major brand.
— John Maltman, CEO E Fundamentals

As an industry we’ve created an effective model for in-store execution where a category strategy drives innovation and sales through clear category drivers. However, as eCommerce continues to evolve, the brands that know how to translate this model online are the ones who will thrive and grow their market share against their competition.

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, we’ll be at My Digital Shelf's Online and Digital Grocery summit speaking to Sales and Marketers about how they can follow a simple process to drive profitability with online retailers. E Fundamentals’ CEO John Maltman, will take the stage to address how we lead this culture shift within our organisations by leveraging years of E Fundamentals’ category experience.

Through tried and tested approaches, John will share how you can:

  • Implement a category strategy online without the constraints of a physical store
  • Create a unique and persuasive voice with your customer
  • Influence behaviour and the path to purchase with a category strategy

About the presenter

John Maltman, CEO E Fundamentals

John Maltman, CEO E Fundamentals

A former VP and General Manager at PepsiCo, with a career spanning at P&G, Asda Walmart, consultancy and a tech startup, CEO John Maltman has led fast and profitable growth in a range of marketing services and B2B technology businesses including Coca-Cola Enterprises, Nestlé, SCA, Groupé SEB and Unilever FS. He left corporate life in 2015 to apply his client-side knowledge to help brands win online, telling colleagues: ‘The market needs it, it doesn’t exist, so we'll create it’ and founded E Fundamentals; an eCommerce analytics platform that helps brands increase their online revenue.


Event details

Date: Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Times: 8am (registration) - 5pm

Location: Hilton Tower Bridge, 5 More London Place, Tooley Street, London SE1 2BY

Agenda: See here


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