Iceland is shopper's favourite online retailer

You might have seen the results of Which? survey - Iceland is the nation's favourite online supermarket!

Are you surprised? It's certainly interesting. Iceland's stand out features were not great technology or a glitzy UI, but convenient delivery slots and friendly drivers. There is an important message here; shoppers judge the online experience from planning the shop to packing away at home.

Online supermarkets could do a lot more to create better experiences for your brands and your customers. Here are five points to keep in mind...

1. Value the online shopping experience as much as you value the in-store shopping experience

Retail Execs visit physical stores very frequently to see the store through their shoppers' eyes, they really should shop online every week for exactly the same reason. For many, it would be an eye opener. And I mean shop, not just browse, to get the full experience. 

2. Take pride in great retailing

Online retailers often seem to have lower standards for online with wrong pricing (a few days ago we saw a can of pet food for over £100), poor or missing product information, poorly executed promotions (we weren't impressed with a beer promo that had one bottle for £1.50 or three for a fiver!) and low quality (or plain wrong) images.

3. Think like a shopper

In particular don't let legacy databases or trading team structures dictate how category shelves are laid out. The web is the one place where laying out the store to make shopping easy for the shopper should be a given.

4. Think carefully about advertising

Retailers periodically de-clutter their physical stores because shoppers tell them they hate clutter. Why does everyone think online shoppers want to be bombarded by ads? Don't get hooked on overpriced, ineffective, often irrelevant advertising because that revenue steam will not last for ever.

5. Don't be tempted to micro market aggressively

I was once the CEO of a loyalty card business and I know just how tempting it is to use what's known about a shopper to "optimise" revenue by targeting promotions and discounts. However, the shopper is in charge online and we must earn their trust, this requires transparency and a total focus on making online shopping a great experience.

You can have a read of the Which? article here. Don't hesitate to drop us a line at if you have any comments, we'd love to hear from you.

I hope this was useful!

Kind regards,

John Maltman
CEO, E Fundamentals

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