Introducing E Fundamentals 2.0


The team at E Fundamentals have been busy over the last few months building, testing and releasing the latest version of our SaaS product. It is safe to say we are really pleased with our fulfilment of a promise to deliver our 8 Fundamentals within ‘easy to consume’ dashboards and detailed reports.

We aim to answer basic questions with broad retailer coverage, with deep data extraction and with many specific tests that assess products in terms of discoverability, accuracy, marketability and compliance.  

Is your product range:

  • Listed?
  • Accurate?
  • Compelling?
  • Discoverable?
  • Priced comparatively?
  • Under or over promoted?
  • Legally compliant?
  • Shown with good imagery?

And, as time goes on, am I doing better than last month, last quarter and longer?

Release 2.0 May 2016 - The home dashboard - the 'control board for all my products'

Release 2.0 May 2016 - The home dashboard - the 'control board for all my products'

With over a year of deep industry insights created from raw data sent through our own proprietary software service we are able to look across trends in many key categories.

When our clients use E Fundamentals, across a range of product sectors, they can instantly see the health of their product ranges across our scored values that we roll up in to 8 Fundamentals. These cover the starting point of your quality journey - Fix the Basics, through Smart Promotions and on to Delivering your Category Vision - our bespoke view of your company aspirations.

Internally, we have simple questions too - how soon can we get version 3.0 ready!

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Adrian Butter, CTO

Adrian is helping E Fundamentals to grow as a business by designing, developing and delivering a world class FMCG data analytics toolset, offered as a SaaS product to manufacturing organisations. With a background in technology, consulting, product design and programme delivery, this is a particular sweet spot for his work.