Italian eCommerce market gets set to boost with analytics platform

We’re excited to announce that we've partnered with Italy’s leading field marketers, Praesidium, to change how  Italian brands are going to be selling online.

This partnership will mean global brands that are already trading in Italy, will be able to harness the same insights and expertise as their English counterparts to leverage sales and boost Italy’s share in the eCommerce market.  

Praesidium and E Fundamentals will be targeting the three biggest FMCG chains;  AmazonEsselunga and Carrefour based in Milan, in order to strengthen their offering and make it easier for their customers to engage with their products. Praesidium are already working with world leading brands such as Microsoft, Mastercard, Samsung and Aveda, and this new partnership will focus on refining how the Italian eCommerce operates, and in turn facilitates, in increasing Italy’s eCommerce share in Europe which currently sits at 5%.

Mapping the current eCommerce landscape

  • The countries with the highest online shares (as of 2016) of their internal markets are: UK (16.8%); Germany (13.5%) and France (9.4%)

  • Italy is the fifth largest economy in Europe with 17.7 million Italians shopping online

  • The Italian eCommerce industry was valued at 19.3 billion euros in 2016, an increase of 19% compared to 2015

  • Italian eCommerce industry has been predicted to account for 5% of the country’s retail sales in 2016

The challenge

  • As the economic gap widens, brand owners will (and currently are) struggling to reach Italian audiences with their current strategies and tools, let alone foreign audiences

  • This struggle will weaken partnerships with other markets and reduce Italy’s contribution to the FMCG and luxury goods market despite its current rich, craft and heritage

  • Despite this potential, Italian companies selling products or services online are lagging behind when compared to the bigger picture

  • More people are buying products from foreign countries than their own; the top three to buy from are UK (16%), Germany (15%) and China (8%)

  • There are 800,000 active eCommerce companies in Europe, 200,000 of which are from France alone and Italy only has 40,000 of that slice

  • There's a huge economic divide between North and South Italy due to the rise of luxury products and fall of domestic and white goods 

The solution

By delivering informative yet actionable insight on digital performance, The 8 Fundamentals eCommerce tracking analytics model helps clearly identify both strategic and practical elements with the mission to strengthen brand positioning in an increasingly competitive market.

Watch this space for a press release and updates on the impact this partnership is having.