Smarter and simpler eCommerce insights is here

The E Fundamentals team have been working really closely with brands to build the smartest and simplest eCommerce analytics platform that you will ever find. Our mission is to upskill your existing teams so they can rapidly increase your online sales and margins using an easy and very helpful toolkit…. And it’s finally here.

We are proud to introduce you to the all-new E Fundamentals service.

It’s tailored to your job-role, personalised to your needs and integrates with your ways of working so you can get on with the job of growing sales and margins with online retail accounts.

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What’s more, your new eCommerce analytics platform is going to help you:

  • Build full range reviews of your customer in minutes

  • Schedule all your promotions to beat your competitors’ value and timings

  • Instantly aggregate all your shopper feedback in one place

  • Check the online retail roll-out of your latest launch from day one in market

  • Assess the effectiveness of your category strategy and drivers in online retailers

In fact, we’ve made over 100 improvements to the service to make it fit for purpose for people like us; busy sales and marketers who want to attract more shoppers, increase brand awareness and improve shopper engagement....



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