The perfect eStore - an eCommerce workshop

When you know what you’re up against, it’s easier to master it.

The Customer Success team at E Fundamentals are bringing their expertise straight to your desks at their Perfect eStore workshop.

Based on our eCommerce analytics solution that has helped brands all over the world increase their online sales, this workshop is designed to take you through a relaxed, yet structured, agenda to learn industry specific best practices on how to improve your product visibility on retailers websites.

The team will be on site working with you to define the standards and optimise a selection of your products so you can see first hand what it takes to build the perfect digital content for your shoppers, without outsourcing or spending any money... so you can leave the guesswork behind and confidently optimise your portfolio.

Our aim is to upskill your teams leaving them confident on how to work effectively so they're able to deliver sustainable growth for your eCommerce channel.  

What to expect

The workshop will ensure that you get the maximum out of the Customer Success team, some of this will include...

  1. A review of the current situation of your products in the category.
  2. Knowing the best practices for online product content and creating the standard for your brands.
  3. Creating and improving the current processes for managing NPD and existing products, and working on an agreed “Bullet proof” method to ensure your new launches have greater visibility and sell more online.

Meet your customer success team

The Customer Success team at E Fundamentals help brands all over the world grow their categories online. The team have previous FMCG and retail experience so they know what you’re up against...and they know how to help you get around it.

Scott Kipling, Customer Success Director

Scott Kipling, Customer Success Director

With over 19 years commercial experience in P&G and strategic management consultancy in the UK and international markets, Scott is a senior commercial practitioner who developed much of the shopper and commercial thinking in the E Fundamentals product. He is now responsible for clients achieving maximum value out of the service and leading the sales function. 

Charlotte Varney, Customer Success Manager, E Fundamentals

Charlotte Varney, Customer Success Manager

Having spent 10 years with P&G, Charlotte has worked across a wide variety of FMCG categories, brands and retailers to help them improve their customer experience and increase online sales. She started in FMCG Finance from which she brings an analytical and focused mind-set, that combined with her passion for the shopper, enables her to work with our customers to better translate insight into action. Charlotte recently shared what brands can be doing about their eCommerce opportunity, read about it here.

Jonathan Burnett, Customer Success Manager

Jonathan Burnett, Customer Success Manager

A senior marketing manager with 20 years retail experience with Tesco and Wickes across Online, Trade Planning and Category Management.  Having worked with global brands to increase their performance in competitive retail environments from a retailers perspective, Jonathan is now working with E Fundamentals’ customers to help them leverage our insights and actions with retailers.


Who’s it for
For the team who is ambitious and wants their brand to succeed online. And that is all! From small to large companies, to marketing to eCommerce teams, if you’re responsible for managing your company's online sales, this is for you.

How many people can attend?
You can bring anyone who you think will benefit from the workshop; typically numbers have been from 2 - 12 people.

How long is it for?
This is dependent on the size of your company and the amount of categories you’d like the team to help you optimise. It can be anything from half a day to a full day.

Where and when is it being held?

At the comfort of your own premises and whenever it suits you.

How much does it cost?

Depends on the amount of categories you’d like to work on and the size of your business. Get in touch for a quote.

If you have any more questions, we'll be happy to chat to you about them; contact us via the form below...

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