The step-by-step guide: How eCommerce specialists can grow sales with online retailers


Jonathan Burnett  – Customer Success Manager

Previously Jonathan was Online Commercial Manager at Tesco, working with brands to increase their online sales. Now as a Customer Success Manager at E Fundamentals, he widens the scope to advise brands on success in all areas of eCommerce.

eCommerce Manager

 Growing online sales isn’t always plain sailing. Jonathan Burnett, former Online Commercial Manager at Tesco, and now our Customer Success Manager, gives this step-by-step guide to how eCommerce Specialists can maximise growth.

1. Get it right first time

Getting a new product line set up may seem like tedious admin but it’s a vital part of of setting yourself up for success on the retailer’s site. Historically I’ve seen brands fail to take suitable amount of time to complete these forms, often using industry terminology, supply led product names, abbreviations etc. The downside is your products won’t be easily found by shoppers searching and unnecessary time spent fixing the error after launch. Ensure each product title is signed off internally as a shopper would expect to see it live online before entering into a new product line form.

New product line forms are also the optimal time to use keywords in your product title – the terms your shoppers will be using to search for so your products are easily found. Leave them out entirely, and your chances of being discovered online plummet. Making keywords an integral and prominent part of your product title is essential to win in search....

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