"Zig When Others Zag" Secrets to Innovation in Business - a Podcast

left: John Maltman, right: David Reeves

left: John Maltman, right: David Reeves

Episode 2 of #20MinuteSmarts  - the E Fundamentals podcast where we dive deep into the big issues that Sales and Markers are currently facing in eCommerce.

Alongside #20SecondSmarts where brands and retailers share their top eCommerce insights, this podcast series involves E Fundamentals CEO John, in conversation with other senior Sales & Marketers. Together they’ll be drumming out business solutions for ambitious senior leadership teams who are determined to advance their growth.

In this episode John joins board member and former Sony CEO, David Reeves, to discuss their experiences of great innovation during their varied careers, including inside stories from world leading brands like Lego, Nissan, Sony, Alibaba, Mars, Nasa and Formula 1. David shares examples from his time as a rocket scientist at NASA, through to reinventing cigarettes in Japan and the birth of Playstation at Sony.

Join the conversation and find out the key actions that they highlight to improve the culture of innovation in ambitious companies.


Key Takeaways:

  • To develop a culture of innovation put in a structure that flows ideas from internal and external resources

  • Listening to your shoppers can generate successful innovation ideas as per Mars spicy peanut flavour for the Chinese market 

  • When pitching an idea internally, give it a fair hearing by bringing together a diverse panel of listeners

  • Incentivise employees to innovate by giving them credit on the patent or a financial reward

  • Innovation can be accelerated by acquiring start-ups or merging with other companies to integrate their way of working to your organisation 

  • Companies can work with universities to have access to the latest innovative ideas 

  • Have someone in your company who is constantly looking at new patents or ideas that can be a threat to your business because you can turn that threat into a business opportunity

  • Instill reverse mentoring where young people talk to senior management about how they're using digital

  • Surround yourself with creative and intelligent people

  • Guard against complacency 

About the Presenters

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David Reeves, Director

An experienced international executive and senior consultant specialising in FMCG and publishing (digital entertainment), with emphasis on e-commerce and transforming physical companies to digital companies. Board member with multi-national high tech and FMCG blue chip companies including Sony (Japan), RJR Nabisco (USA), Mitsubishi (Japan) and Keywords Intl. plc.
David has a PhD in Astrophysics and worked as a rocket scientist at NASA.
Read David's Q&A about what makes an eCommerce team successful here.

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John Maltman, CEO E Fundamentals

A successful career with blue chip FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Asda Walmart) complimented with leadership roles in high growth B2B technology and service businesses. Includes Managing Partner at The Quantic Group, a sales and marketing consultancy – led to treble turnover and more than quadruple profitability over five years, developing a roster of some of the world’s best sales and marketing businesses.  Clients included: Coca Cola Enterprises, Nestlé, SCA, Groupé SEB and Unilever FS.

John advises what you need to know before you invest in an eCommerce analytics service here.

How are you using eCommerce data to innovate?

The right tools and insights can show you clearly where the opportunity lies to create new products and services. Get in touch to find out what kind of category insights you need to help you disrupt and expand in your market.


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