“The pace of change will never be as slow again as it is today.
No matter how busy you are now, tomorrow will always be busier”.

Key Takeaways

  • What we can learn from what Industry leaders are currently working on:

    "A perfect example of what I mean by speed: Ali-pay scaled their business to $100B in 12 months. It took DBS, the largest traditional bank in Asia 50 years to do that. Ali-pay were able t achieve it without opening a single physical branch, enabling them to have the lowest cost of lending in the market. 
    Our industry may not be as fast as that now, but when we use the same disruptive digital focused approach, it is certainly going to accelerate towards that sort of pace."
  • Non-tech companies can learn from agile management methodology, to incorporate fail-fast incremental improvements
  •  What barriers do suppliers encounter the most and how can they be overcome?

    - "eCommerce being treated as a specialist function is a drag on speed and scale – There is a role for a specialist, but it is not about doing all the day to day work, should involve setting strategy, developing best practise and building capability, to lead the whole business and upskill the rest of the teams."
  • How can companies qualify the scale of eCommerce opportunity?

    “Not just online benefits - because of the interest generated through your online presence ratio of £6 increase in in-store sales for every £1 of online sales"


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