It’s an exciting time for retail. Once upon a time companies used to respond with ‘that’s not how we do things’ to now responding with ‘how can we do this too?’ The reality is, if you don’t respond that way you’ll get beaten by the ones who are adapting, growing and experimenting.

The Grocer Conference on 12th Mar 2019 bought together a powerhouse of brands and retailers to explore this approach further.  John Lewis, Ocado, Sainburys and Reckitt Benckiser were some of the few companies sharing insight into how technology is accelerating retail growth.  

Where eCommerce is concerned, MARS eCommerce Director, Keng Zhing NG joined e.fundamentals CEO John Maltman to talk to brands candidly about what is and isn’t working in the online space.

Both senior leaders have incredibly strong backgrounds  and are equally passionate about driving commercial value for their organisations. They agreed that as brands we’re all working in a high growth area. However, they also pointed out that in this environment aiming for growth alone isn’t enough; It’s got to be about winning and winning profitably.

The impact of digital disruption over the past few years has led retail to have its most tumultuous year to date; from closures to mergers to pure play record breakers.  In the current hyper competitive and saturated market, John argued all businesses should have in place three things:

1.       Clear strategies and programmes to win share through online retailers

2.       The tools to manage the mix of effort driving profitability via category strategy

3.       Sales and marketing functions that are equipped with the tools and skills to work in the omni-channel