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Having powerful insights into your online selling effectiveness is vital. 
Putting them into action is critical.

For the first time, we're now able to offer brands both Insights (from E Fundamentals) and Action (through our friends at McCurrach).
Created for busy Sales and Marketing teams, Insights Actioned brings together data and action for one-stop execution across online retailers such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Ocado, Asda, Morrisons and Amazon.

An eCommerce performance expert works on your behalf to directly implement powerful improvements to your brand’s online listings,
based on the data generated by E you can concentrate on doing what you do best; developing your product and brand portfolios.

How does it work?

This is where all your efforts come together so you spend less time actioning data, and more time improving your customer’s shopping experience...

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You’re assigned an eCommerce expert from McCurrach who uses
E Fundamentals’ insights to monitor and analyse your products on retailers’ websites.

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You get regular top line feedback on the changes and findings about your online portfolio that are important to your business.

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McCurrach's team implements the actions that the data raises by working directly with online retailers, to improve your eCommerce performance in real time.

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You have access to E Fundamentals’ insights so if you prefer, you can also monitor your digital shelf with the same insights as the team at McCurrach.

Data without action is just a cost

Get experts to monitor and optimise your online range, pricing, positioning and promotions to effectively execute your category strategy.
By having all the support you need, you can quickly improve how your customers shop for your products online.

The benefits

Here's why some of the biggest CPG manufacturers are using this service...

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Strengthens retail relationships

The team at McCurrach navigates and strengthens relationships with the key contacts at major retailers on your behalf. If you’ve been finding it challenging to get a retailer to make your desired changes, Insights Actioned makes it happen.

 Provides expertise at reduced cost

The cost of Insights Actioned is a significant saving against an FTE. Your Account Manager is your online category expert working on your brand’s behalf to leverage your competitive advantage.

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Birds eye view of reports

Measures your eCommerce ROI

Insights Actioned demonstrates the impact of the improved performance in your eCommerce channel and ensures that your investment into insights is turned into action. 

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Guarantees implementation

Data and insight is useless unless it’s actioned. This service guarantees that the market-leading smarts from our platform will improve product performance and drive profitability. Quite simply, opportunities are followed through so nothing is missed, tasks are not delayed, to-do lists are not ignored and mistakes do not go unnoticed.

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Maintains consistent profile of your brand

By having your online channel regularly monitored, your product representation remains clear, reliable and consistent which strengthens your brand’s credibility and ultimately... your customer loyalty.

Provides additional support for your portfolio

You have an extra resource at your fingertips; you’re not only getting access to your product’s data, but you’re getting specialists who makes it a priority to execute it.

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Get ahead with Insights Actioned

This [100% compliance] is a fantastic achievement considering how quickly the service got Ocado to turn the issues around. Massive thanks for all your effort and support.
— Client's Business Manager on Ocado Account

Find out how Insights Actioned can speed up your online growth by having an eCommerce expert
optimise your products on your behalf.

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As the largest UK and Ireland retail field sales agency, McCurrach help brands SELL MORE; they are trusted to do this by some of the biggest brands in the world across the FMCG, Consumer Electronics and Financial Services sectors. They Key to their success has been to execute award winning strategies, implement data driven planning and execution, employ expert people and leverage unrivalled market knowledge & relationships.