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We’ve asked some of the best people in eCommerce to share their knowledge and experience with the wider eCommerce community; but because we’re all slammed for time, we’ve asked them to distil their best advice into just 20 seconds (ish) – that’s why it’s called #20SecondSmarts.

Hear from some of the smartest people in eCommerce about the strategies, politics and tactics behind their successes and spectacular failures.

If you’ve got your own #20SecondSmarts you’d like to add, email my20secondsmarts@ef.uk.com.

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“Talent borrows, Genius Steals”
Oscar Wilde

This is #20SecondSmarts


If the retailer says no, work with them to find a way around it.


Annie Goman
Senior eCommerce Manager
AB InBev/ZX Ventures

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Understand the people you need to connect with.

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John Connelly
Digital & eCommerce Manager

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Demystify your eCommerce strategy. It's all shopping.

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Simon Mayhew
Insights Manager

How it works

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Find a comfy spot, grab your phone and in 20 seconds (ish) tell us about a time that one key learning helped you smash your goals or progress in your eCommerce career.

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When you're happy with the footage, drop it in an email to my20secondsmarts@ef.uk.com. Or upload and send via wetransfer.com.

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We'll upload it on our site, share with our followers and enter you in a prize draw for the chance to win £100 Amazon gift vouchers. See Ts&Cs here.

Your #20SecondSmarts


Elena Meyer
eCommerce Category Manager Europe
Edgewell Personal Care

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