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The 8 Fundamentals framework is the most precise, accurate and intuitive eCommerce analytics dashboard for brands looking to secure a ROI from their online channels.

The keystone feature is the suite of Category Management tools which offer a strategic foundation for long-term growth through online retailers.

This is not a hosepipe of data, this is smarter and simpler category management in action.

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The highlights

Personalised insights

Every time you log-in, you are presented with powerful, clearly laid-out, action-focused commercial insights relevant to your role.

The 8 Fundamentals dashboard

Sell the benefits dashboard


Organised workload

The dashboard doesn’t just organise the data, but organises the actions that you need to take so you can make quick changes across all your online retailers and see immediate results.

Complete category view

Drill into how products across your entire category are performing and sort your insights according to single or multiple retailers / brand or category view.

Category insights

My Settings dashboard

Focus on core SKU groups

Quickly switch views between all, new, or core products without losing those insights amidst all the other products you’re tracking.

Scope out your retail eCommerce opportunity

We’ve packed our analytics platform with many more time saving, profit-driving features.
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The 8 Fundamentals


Each one of The 8 Fundamentals plays a crucial role in your growth strategy; together they provide a powerful and proven path to increasing your online sales specifically by growing your category.


Fix the basics icon

Fix the Basics

Simplifies and speeds up the work to ensure your brand standards are being met and that product listings are legal, for example compliant with FIR EU1169 for food and beverages.
e.fundamentals guides the user straight to where the issues are that need to be fixed.

Sell the benefits icon

Sell the Benefits

Ensures that shoppers are presented with product benefits that provide a compelling reason to buy.  If a shopper has clicked through to the product page then they are unconvinced and you need to make sure that your product content is persuasive enough to close them. It’s important to land your key messages with the shopper early in the product description while they are still fully engaged.

Easy to buy icon

Easy To Buy

Provides a shopper perspective on your and your competitor’s brand presence in key searches for the category and considers a portfolio approach rather than just each individual product’s rank.
e.fundamentals position weights the results, i.e. products in the first row of results appear above the page fold and therefore receive a greater share of the shopper’s attention than the products on the bottom row. 

Smart pricing and promotions icon

Smart Pricing & Promotions

Tests promotions against strategy, provides pay for performance backup evidence and acts as an early warning indicator for potential in-store promotional issues. Breaking the pricing architecture online does not just impact the current shopping trip but also the AWOP of future baskets where the retailer has a favourites section. The pricing architecture should be effectively used to trade shopper’s up in size or to premium offerings. 

Winning campaigns icon

Winning Campaigns

Measures the cumulative impact of promotions over time and assess this against your shopper objectives (e.g. trial, up-trading etc).  This also allows you to track all competitor promotional activity in the category and understand your promotional competitiveness.

Deliver value that counts icon

Deliver Value that Counts

Assesses range against the criteria your shoppers use to assess value for money.  This enables you to instantly review, compare and contrast each retailer’s range to identify distribution opportunities.

Learn from the shoppers voice icon

Learn from the Shoppers Voice

Gathers learning from shopper feedback left for online retailers and crystalises key messages.  It is important to keep your finger on the pulse of any emerging negative trends and be able to summarise shopper feedback to support range reviews. 

Execute Your Category Vision Fundamental

Execute your Category Vision

The category drivers are built into a bespoke reports and rolled up into a dashboard that provides an 'at a glance' assessment of each online retailer’s support for your category strategy.

Upskilling Sales and Marketing teams

By tightly observing client usage of our service, we’ve tailored our software to the needs of the roles that drive online performance: Key Account teams, Shopper Marketing, Brand, eCommerce, Revenue Growth and Category Management.

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