New Features and Improvements to your E Fundamentals July 2018






1. Homepage Scores - Deliver value that counts (ESF-4671)

The Deliver value that count score determines your overall ranging score, by looking at the total number of unique products seen on retailer sites and determining the range, compared against a target range.

Deliver value that counts is set up with a default target of 60%, however this is customisable per client, per retailer.

To update your target % please contact your Customer Success Manager.



2. Homepage Scores - Execute your category vision (ESF-4670)

The Execute your category vision score determines your overall range score for your nominated New Product SKU’s.  We look at the number of your New Product SKU’s that are found in the retailers and compare this against your target % for ranging your New Product SKU’s.

Execute your category vision is set up with a default target of 60%, however this is customisable per client, per retailer.

To update your target % or your New Product SKU’s please contact your Customer Success Manager.



3. Homepage Scores - Smart pricing and promotion (ESF-4397)

The Smart pricing and promotions score determines your overall pricing architecture success score by calculating the total number of price architecture passes compared to failures.



4. Homepage Scores - Winning Campaigns (ESF-4672)

The Winning Campaigns score calculates your percentage of products which are on promotion.  This is based on the total number of products we have been able to gather.

As each client will have a different view on what percentage of products they want on promotion at any one time, the percentage is displayed but we only highlight the change as red, amber, green.






1. Improve Export submission and success messaging (ESF-5140)

Improved the user experience when initiating an export, so that once you’ve successfully submitted an export request the success message is displayed clearly and the export button is then also disabled to visually indicate success and prevent duplicate export requests.



2. Winning Campaigns - option to export with cells merged or unmerged (ESF-4779)

To improve data analysis on the exported Winning Campaigns data, we have now added the ability to view the export promotional data with either merged or unmerged cells. There is now a dropdown option when selecting the export criteria on the export popup.


Merged - default value


Unmerged - new option



3. Winning Campaigns Export - added PDBID & GTIN/EAN (ESF-5359)

Improved Winning Campaigns Export by adding new fields for PDBID (our E Fundamentals unique identifier) and GTIN/EAN.



4. Pricing Summary Export - Add GTIN/EAN, Retailer ID and PDB ID (ESF-4241)

Improved Pricing Summary export by adding new fields for PDB ID (our E Fundamentals unique identifier), GTIN/EAN and Retailer ID.






1. Menu navigation, returning to L1 (ESF-4646)

To improve usability and ease of navigation around the reports within the fundamentals, we’ve added the ability to quickly navigate back to the top level of a fundamental by clicking on the fundamental icon or the name in the page header.


2.  Fixed headers on reports when scrolling (ESF-4645)

Improved the usability of reports with large sets of data by fixing the column headers to the top of the page when scrolling through data so it is always easy to view the context of the data.. Note headers only fix to the top of the page if the section has been expanded.

Updated on the following reports:

  • Sell The Benefits

  • Smart Pricing and Promotions: Price Architecture and Price Alerts

  • Learn from Shoppers Voice: Retailer Data and Product Data.


3. Date range comparison selection logic (ESF-4857)

To make selecting comparison dates easier, we have implemented logic to ensure only the correct date comparison ranges can be selected.

This logic applies to the quick pick options as well as the custom date options.

The logic ensures that the second date selected is earlier than the first, to allow for the historical comparison and calculation of delta values.  Illogical date values are non-selectable from the quick pick options or the custom date picker.

Eg. If you select Last Month for the first date range, you cannot now select Last Week on the second date range.

The correct selection would be Last week, compared to Last Month


4. Fix The Basics - Brand Compliance and Legal Compliance overview - added delta

Included the ability to view the delta change between the two date ranges on the Brand compliance and Legal compliance widgets on Fix the Basics.




Filter Drawer


1. Reset selections to default values (ESF-4656)

To assist with the usability of the filter drawer we have added in the ability to reset your filter selections to the default for each page.  If you have made some changes to the filter bar but you’re not sure that’s what you wanted to do, then click the Reset button to be returned to the default view.  The default for each page has been configured to bring back a simple data set to get you started.



2. Limit selections based on previous selections (ESF-5138)

To simplify the view of options in the filter bar, instead of disabling invalid options, we’ve now removed them to help declutter your view and make selections easier.




Winning Campaigns


1. Winning Campaigns Fundamental add 52 week quick link (ESF-4864)

Added another quick link button on the Winning Campaigns date selector to allow quick selection of 52 week view.




Learn From Shopper's Voice


1. Added name hover over functionality to LFSV Product Data report (ESF-4953)

On reports where the product names are exceptionally long they need to be truncated so as to fit into the column widths within the report, we’ve now added the ability to hover over the names on the Learn From Shoppers Voice Product Data report to display the full product name.