New Features and Updates in October

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Historical Data for Pricing & Promotion

  • On request from leading global food manufacturer General Mills, we ingested their historical data to add to their E Fundamentals data set for Smart Pricing & Promotions and Winning Campaigns exports.

    This builds upon last month’s new feature of historical view functionality inside the Winning Campaigns exports, which includes a 'year-ago' comparative view for a powerful way to see trends specific to seasons and events.

    By ingesting historical data we are able to build a bigger picture of the developments over time, enabling you to draw direct comparisons so you can see improvements.


Price Alerts

  • Category Specific Price Alerts - Users can now further customise how they would like to receive their price alerts.  A user can receive “All Categories” in one email or they can nominate specific categories, and receive a price alert email per category.


  • Whole of Category Price Alerts - Additional customisation added allows a user to specify if they would like to Include competitors products for a whole of  category view in the email service. Client own products are highlighted in blue for easy identification within the whole category view.

  • Added Multi Buy promotion types into Price Alerts report on Smart pricing and promotions fundamental and to Price Alert Email service.

Price Alert Email


Price Alert report in Smart pricing and promotion fundamental

  • Colour code promotion types in the Price Alert email service to match the colour coding in the Fundamentals and the export service.



  • As part of our internationalisation of the E Fundamentals we have updated the product to allow for multiple currencies. The Pricing Export has been updated to display the EURO currency for German, French, Spanish and Italian region clients.


  • Added multi client login feature to allow users to access multiple configurations with a single sign on. Upon logging in the user is asked to select the configuration they would like to view such as Region. You and your teams can now access your product insights across different regions from around the globe... all from just one log in.


Once logged in, the user can easily view which configuration they are in and change it via the side bar.



  • Added a SKU Group flag on the Pricing Export to identify if products belong to Priority, New, Sales or Profit sku groups which now allows users to easily sort and filter their pricing exports by sku group attributes.


New Retailers

  • Zooplus France

  • Zooplus Spain

  • Zooplus Italy

Bugs/Service Desk

  • Product images for the retailer Superdrug will now show across the platform on all browsers.

  • Page text for Price Alerts will always show “Today’s E Fundamentals Price Alerts” even for Yesterday’s/Week’s emails

  • Updated the calculation on Sell The Benefits summary percentage

  • The calculation will now take the average score of a benefit statement divide by 2 and time by 100 to give the correct score

  • When brands exist in market A but not in market B the brands that are irrelevant for market B will now not show in all fundamentals.

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