September - New Features and Updates

Fix the Basics

A. Product Basics - Preferred Product Name (ESF-5268)

Added in the Preferred Product Name (also known as the Gold Standard Name) to the Product Name Test popup information to enable the user to see why the test is failing.


The name does not appear where the Preferred Product Name matches


B. Improved the popup for products which have been individually excluded from tests. Eg Particular product excluded from an ingredients test. Any products which have been excluded from a test will now see a grey icon and N/A in the test results.


C. For the Allergens test, removed the ingredient Rice from the list of allergens (as per EU1169 regulations) (ESF-5563)

D. Product Basics/Compliance (ESF-5606)

i. Fixed the issue where the average score on both reports was showing incorrectly.


E. Fix the Basics export has had several improvements

The Fix the Basics export date selector now works for a single date


F. The data has been split to 1 retailer per tab (ESF-4061)


G. Improved the Fix The Basics export to include all the test scores which are colour coded as per the report and added an action description for Name Score. (ESF-4061)


Exports Refactor

Our export process for Fix The Basics, Winning Campaigns and Pricing were improved to ensure that the process is more robust and does not timeout, as well as speeding up the time taken to complete an export. (ESF-5317, ESF-5333, ESF-5334)

Winning Campaigns Export - add a year ago view

A. To enable year on year comparison of promotions, a new option has been added to the Winning Campaigns export to allow a year ago view. The top row displays the current year, and the row directly below displays the same week of the previous year.


Price Alerts - Released a NEW Email Service

Users can be configured to receive the appropriate level of alerting that suits their role. From on the day alerts, daily and weekly summaries. (ESF-5526, ESF-5721)

A. Twice daily Price Alert email to users inbox, at 8am and 2pm. The 8am email will include all price alerts that have been processed from 12:01am to 8am, and the 2pm email captures all price alerts that have been processed from 12:01am to 2pm that day.


B. Added daily summary email which captures the full day, sent at 8am the next morning. The email alert includes all price alerts captured from 12:01am to 11:59pm for yesterday. (ESF-5678)


C. Added weekly summary email which captures the full week Monday through Sunday, to be delivered following Monday morning at 8am.

D. Added a configuration option for no emails to be received if there is no price alert data ie Do not send an empty email. (ESF-5722)

E. Based on our early adopter clients we implemented some feedback. Increased the product image size, added in the promo mechanic and amended the percentage change to only 1 decimal point. (ESF-5523, ESF-5748, ESF-5724, ESF-5680)

Filter Bar/Client Config - exclude sub categories

A. Where we have more than one client operating the same category we have now enabled the ability to include/exclude specific sub categories from the filter bar as per client request. (ESF-4829)

Filter Bar - Move "select all" Button

To make it easier to select and deselect from the filter bar option, the select all option has been moved to the header of the section so that it can be easily clicked, without having the expand the individual sections. (ESF-5545)

Execute Your Category Vision - New Products

A. Added category toggle buttons for filtering so that now the Execute Your Category Vision dashboard can be used for any of your categories. *Note that you will need New SKU’s for a category for the dashboard to populate. If you need to add New SKU’s please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager. (ESF-5541, ESF-5520)


B. Added 4 search terms for filtering on the Easy To Buy widget. These 4 search terms are defaulted to the first 4 in your list.


C. Product ranging widget - can see products ranged and not ranged. Above the axis shows which products are being ranged per retailer, and below the axis shows which products are not being ranged. (ESF-5599, ESF-5522)


Clicking on the individual retailer column will then display in list format the products which are ranged, and those which are not, including the product name and the GTIN.


Easy To Buy

A. Updated the scoring mechanism and colour coding on Easy to Buy top level report (ESF-5514)

B. Each search term is compared to a total weighted average across all retailers, and then the individual retailer search term score is displayed and colour coded against the total weighted average.

C. Eg. Search Term “cat food”, has a weighted average across all retailers as 80.8%
Sainsbury’s has a 92% Share of voice for search term “cat food”, this is greater than the weighted average of 80.8% and will therefore display in green.
Iceland has a 52.6% Share of voice for the search term “cat food”, this is less than the weighted average of 80.8% and will therefore display in red.

D. Increased the clickable area on the buttons through to the Weighted Share of Voice and the Search Term By Retailer and By Search Term reports to improve usability of buttons.(ESF-4629)

E. Improved the display of the loading icon on Weighted Share of Voice (ESF-5552)

Updated formatting for better client name display

New Retailers For Clients

A. Lloyds Pharmacy

B. Tesco Ireland

C. Supervalu

D. Amazon Italy

E. Amazon Fresh

F. Automating the ability to onboard new Retailers - currently able to automate the product adding for the first retailer in a new region/catego

Bugs and Service Desk

  1. ESF-4830 - Updated Price Formatting on Price Alerts report

  2. ESF-5198 - Removed Net Qty test on Fix The Basics for client Edgewell

  3. ESF-5285 - Updated Net Qty conversion calculations

  4. ESF-5287 - Removed the Country test on Fix The Basics for client Birdseye

  5. ESF-5324 - Resolved incorrectly failing ingredients test on Fix The Basics for client Birdseye

  6. ESF-5375 - Exclude ingredients tracking on particular products for client Birdseye

  7. ESF-5410 - Resolved loading issue on Internal Tools Client Quality Report

  8. ESF-5480 - Resolved Easy To Buy data issue for Client Purina Germany

  9. ESF-5515 - Retailer Curry’s - resolved gather data from next page issue

  10. ESF-5525 - Retailers Amazon Fresh and Amazon Grocery - data extraction fix

  11. ESF-5535 - Retailer Waitrose - Gather data issue on large category

  12. ESF-5486 - Easy to Buy report errors for particular search term for client General Mills

  13. ESF-5472 - Resolved Amazon retailer error

  14. ESF-5433 - Gather scheduler recovery and monitoring

  15. ESF-5374 - Winning Campaigns, ensure date carried over from prior fundamental is the correct date.

  16. ESF-5313 - Retailer Amazon Grocery - image fails for client Birdseye

  17. ESF-5259 - Retailer Amazon Fresh - image fails for client General Mills

  18. ESF-5258 - Retailer Amazon Fresh - price fails for client General Mills

  19. ESF-5547 - Provide client General Mills with product data to advise gold standard names for update

  20. ESF-5226 - Easy To Buy Search Terms resulting in Category page not being analysed

  21. ESF-5534 - Resolved Pricing Exports which were stalled for client Purina

  22. ESF-5516 - Cancelled unwanted Fix The Basics exports for client Purina

  23. ESF-5460 - Resolved Easy To Buy issue for Retailer Tesco and client Birdseye

  24. ESF-5577 - Retailer ASDA, updated the Product Number extracted

  25. ESF-5564 - Resolved retailer logo display issue for Deliver Value That Counts fundamental when accessed on Chrome and a high resolution monitor.

  26. ESF-5467 - Retailer ASDA gather issue resolved for client General Mills

  27. ESF-5466 - Update application to allow for Product names which include a full stop “.”

  28. ESF-5136 - Resolved incorrect count of selected options in filter bar

  29. ESF-4770 - Updated Country of Origin test in Fix The Basics to recognise “U.K.” as well as United Kingdom as a country of origin.

  30. ESF-5602 - Retailer Ocado website change

  31. ESF-5588 - Retailer Ocado website change

  32. ESF-5551 - Tesco Retailer, missing search term data, re processed

  33. ESF-5531 - Amazon Fresh logo missing on Smart Promotions

  34. ESF-5530 - Amazon Fresh logo missing on Sell The Benefits

  35. ESF-5631 - Retailer Argos, how to handle the Argos maintenance page

  36. ESF-5621 - Retailer Superdrug, how to handle the Superdrug maintenance page

  37. ESF-5616 - Retailer Viovet, capturing all variants

  38. ESF-5615 - Retailer Superdrug, resolved archive page issue where images were missing

  39. ESF-5614 - Update start time of gather process

  40. ESF-5592 - Retailer Zooplus UK and DE website changes

  41. ESF-5583 - Retailer Zooplus UK updated extraction to find product id and product variant

  42. ESF-5575 - Fixed Filter bar selections on Winning Campaigns, to ensure only filtered by what was selected

  43. ESF-5566 - Resolved layout issue on the Easy To Buy widget on Execute Your Category Vision

  44. ESF-5470 - Resolved incorrect allergens fails by removing Rice from Allergens list for client Birdseye

  45. ESF-5177 - Aligned the display of the loading icon on the Learn from shoppers voice / By Retailer report

  46. ESF-4849 - Loading icons malformed on Learn from Shoppers Voice and Execute Your Category Vision when using browser Internet Explorer 11

  47. ESF-5533 - Retailer Amazon Fresh, duplicate product rows in Learn From Shoppers Voice for client Quorn - removed duplication

  48. ESF-5574 - Resolved issue for saved filters with sub categories that have since been deleted

  49. ESF-5749 - Added new seed for Tesco for client Edgewell

  50. ESF-5764 - Optimised Amazon IT, Grocery and Pet Supplies to only gather products sold by Amazon

  51. ESF-5785 - Optimised Retailer Amazon Grocery Seeds

  52. ESF-5783 - Retailer Ocado detecting offer pages instead of detail pages

  53. ESF-5772 - Retailer Tesco, updated website for product name and instructions

  54. ESF-5770 - Retailer Viovet - updated to gather the customer recommendation

  55. ESF-5767 - Retailer Zooplus website updated, changes to gather nutrition information

  56. ESF-5765 -  Prevent Amazon Fresh from gathering Amazon Grocery pages

  57. ESF-5758 - Retailer John Lewis updated website

  58. ESF-5756 - Retailer Amazon Italy - updated to ensure all feedback is being gathered

  59. ESF-5745 - Retailer Argos, updated product name and search term gather

  60. ESF-5742 -Retailer Currys updated their website - updated to enable capture of next page links

  61. ESF-5741 - Retailer Sainsburys - updated category seeds

  62. ESF-5684 - Retailer Amazon Grocery - images not gathered for search term results

  63. ESF-5630 - Retailer Zooplus - updated to gather analytic constituents against different variants correctly

  64. ESF-5585 - Fix The Basics popups - ensure always popover the top of the grid

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