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How long is the campaign running for?

#20SecondSmarts will be running until Jul 2019 with winners of the prize draw announced at the end of every month on our Twitter and LinkedIn.

Who's it for?

The tips are being created for brands and retailers who are looking for an injection of inspiration or some quick guidance on how to better perform in their roles, progress in their careers or build and execute a killer eCommerce strategy.

Who can enter?

Anyone can make an entry; there are no limits to sector or position we just kindly request that you are either currently in a digital related role or have had experience working in digital.

What and how to film

There is no specification on how or where to film; it's not meant to be a laborious task for you (quite the opposite we hope!) Wherever there is a quiet space so you can be heard and some good lighting so we can see you clearly, just hit record on your phone. Please be mindful of the current tips already shared and try not to repeat an insight. Videos with similar content may not be shared or entered into the prize draw.

How to send

Send the footage to us at or upload and send for free via Please include your name, your company and role when sending the footage through.

Where will your videos be?

Due to capacity we may not be able to showcase all the videos but we will be updating our campaign page here regularly. The video will also be mailed out to our database, shared on our social channels and used for PR.

Get in touch with Anam or James at if you have any further questions or concerns. 

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