20 Minutes Smarts

Ep.1 What's wrong with the online shopping experience

John Maltman, CEO &
Becky Curtis-Hall, Customer Success Manager

The convenience of being able to shop comfort of your own home is one of the main factors driving the growth of online shopping. However, the experience is still not as smooth and simple as it should be. John and Becky draw on decades of experience in retail and share personal stories to discuss how much still needs to be done to make eCommerce profitable and enjoyable.

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Spot the Difference

In the podcast John and Becky look at Curry’s online shop; can you see where Curry’s is falling short in increasing online conversions?

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About the presenters


John Maltman, CEO, E Fundamentals

John Maltman, CEO of E Fundamentals - A successful career with blue chip FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo and Asda Walmart) complimented with leadership roles in high growth B2B technology and service businesses. Includes Managing Partner at The Quantic Group, a sales and marketing consultancy – led to treble turnover and more than quadruple profitability over five years, developing a roster of some of the world’s best sales and marketing businesses.  Clients included: Coca Cola Enterprises, Nestlé, SCA, Groupé SEB and Unilever FS.

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Becky Curtis-Hall, Customer Success Manager, E Fundamentals

Previously the eCommerce Manager at Pernod Ricard and in the eCommerce team at Birds Eye, Becky’s career spans marketing and sales, but always online, with a specialist interest in the interaction between humans and machines. Completing her masters degree in digital media while working in eCommerce has created a unique perspective on both the commercial side and the academic behind the scenes that fuels digital innovation. When not at work you can often find her out running or drinking wine.

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